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  • 60 Minute 1127 Calorie Burning Sessions - so now there are no excuses, even with your busy schedule
  • State-Of-The-Art Indoor Boot Camp - Get in the best shape of your life using the latest fat burning equipment
  • Fat loss – Start melting fat in just days not months
  • Body Toning - Feel lean, tight and toned all over
  • Increased Stamina – Have sustained energy throughout your busy day
  • Take control – Live the life you want in the body you want starting now
  • Have fun – You’re going to work, sweat and laugh your way into the best shape of your life... Having fun is the key to sticking with it and getting lasting results.
  • Multiple AM And PM Sessions To Fit Your Schedule

Mitzi Lost 3% Body Fat, 4 lbs and 8 3/4"!

She Lost 6 Dress Sizes!

When I was told about Dream Body Boot Camp I was really ready to make a change, I work at the beach and summer is just around the corner so I thought I am going to do this. I did my first 3 workouts in 4 days and I was sure I found something that would finally get me in the shape I’ve always dreamed of. I lost 6 dress sizes and I keep getting leaner.

Thank you Dream Body Boot Camp. The best workout I’ve ever done and the results are the best I’ve ever had!

Susan Rhodes - San Diego, CA

Hilary Lost 40 lbs and Feels GREAT!

Jenna lost 5 ½ lbs, 6 ½ inches and 4.4% Body Fat in JUST 1 month!

I am an avid fitness person and I go to the gym at least 5 days a week. When my friend told me about Dream Body Boot Camp I totally jumped on board to try it out one of the workouts that combine cardio and strength training, I fell in love. Now I do back to back sessions because I can’t get enough. My body is more toned then it’s ever been and because of that I am eating healthier and feel better about myself. I love the team of trainers also.

Thank you Dream Body Boot Camp!!!! You’ve changed my life

Jenna - San Diego, CA

Randi's Down 4% Body Fat, 2 lbs and 6"....In Just 7 Days!

Down To 15% Body Fat

I have been a member of a 24 hour fitness forever and go there at least 3-4 days a week. Working out is really important to me as It helps keep me motivated and happy. But with that much time at the gym you would like I would see incredible results, we’ll I wasn’t. When I signed on for the 28 day fat burn meltdown I was shocked at the results. This is what I was waiting for. I’m down to 15% body fat and I’m totally addicted. Dan, Althea and Ritchie are the best trainers in town and they make you feel like your so special. I love Dream Body Boot Camp and now all my friends workout with me.

Thank you guys!!! I miss you when I’m not there!

Thuy N - San Diego, CA

(At Dream Body Boot Camp results come fast! 10 days is plenty of time for your clothes to feel loser and to get results that your friends will notice!)

To register simply click the link below or call or text 619-481-2284,
go ahead and do it now.

10-Day Trial Plus Get Lean Nutrition Plan For $19

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